Frequently asked questions

About Us

What is the ALTORIA Group ?
ALTORIA Group is a digital Bank for legal entities and individuals, created on the blockchain technology, where customers can make money transactions online: purchase of cryptocurrency, storage, exchange, withdrawal and more.
We strive to introduce cryptocurrencies into the banking sector, thus ensuring the safe and anonymous use of all available services in the business market.

Where are you based?
Our platform is completely online. We do not rely on physical brick and mortar branches as we are a digital ALTORIA Group.

What is your advantage?
Our competitive advantage lies in advanced technologies that we accept and use without problems. All operations of our clients are strictly classified and third parties cannot access. We offer freedom!

When will be available to all the functions of your ALTORIA Group?
At the moment, you can use only participation in the development of the platform. The main functions of our platform will be available at the beginning of the first quarter of 2019.

Signing Up

Is there a minimum age to open an account ?
The minimum age to open a ALTORIA Group account is 18 years.

Who can Register on ALTORIA Group?
Individuals and legal entities have the right to register and use the services of our platform.

How to open an account?
Just go to "Register" page and fill in the registration form. After getting a system message on your mailbox you can enter your account.


Which payment processors do you accept for investing?
We accept for investing and withdrawing the following payment methods: Perfect Money

When will my deposit be added to my account balance?
In most cases your account balance is updated instantly just as you credit the funds into our system.

Do you have any limitations on number of deposits made in the same time?
Yes, you can only open one Deposit.

Do I need to pay some fees for crediting/ withdrawing money in ALTORIA Group?
No, we do not apply any fees regarding any customer's activity

Withdrawal of funds

Do you have any limitations regarding funds withdrawal and are there any fees for withdrawals applied?
The extent of funds requested for withdrawal isn't limited. All deposits/ withdrawals are strictly anonymous and fee exempt.

How long does it take to transfer the funds on my e-wallet after I made a withdrawal request?
Funds withdrawal process is made within 1-48 hours after getting a request.

Cooperation with Altoria Group

Can I apply for a job in ALTORIA Group? Do you have any job offers?
Yes, we are interested in recruiting our clients as regional representatives. Please, contact our customer support assistant in order to get details on this subject.

Does ALTORIA Group offer some affiliate program for its members?
Like any other financial institution, ALTORIA Group has an affiliate program, the reward is up to 5% of the deposit amount of your partner. Please register to access this feature.

Is it necessary to have an active deposit in order to receive referral commission accruals?
No, you just need to register an account, specify your e-wallet IDs and promote ALTORIA Group using your personal referral link.

Other question

What should I do if I haven't fiund an answer to my question here?
Just contact our Customer Support Service and send your question them.